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As a conscientious consumer and supporter of Compassion in World Farming’s Better Chicken Initiative, I am signing this petition to voice that I care how chickens are treated. I want every chicken to have enough room to move about freely, an enriched environment and natural light to encourage natural behavior, and genetics that don’t inherently cause suffering. I believe a chicken should be allowed to be a chicken.




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95% of all farmed animals in the United States are chickens raised for meat. That’s over 8 billion animals.

The truth is, nearly all of these chickens are made to grow unnaturally fast and kept in overcrowded, dimly lit and dirty factory farmed conditions.

We believe there is a better way: a way that is better for our health, and for the chickens. With your help, we can improve the lives of millions of chickens.

Can you digest this?

The CDC reports that poultry accounts for more deaths from food borne illnesses than any other food1. They also report that chicken was recently linked to a large national food poisoning outbreak resistant to several commonly prescribed human antibiotics. Forty percent of infected people had to be hospitalized2.

Over 30,000 chickens are kept in one house. Nearly all of the chickens in the US are bred to grow unnaturally large, unnaturally fast, so much so they can collapse under the weight of their own enormous chests and have difficulty walking and breathing.

Crowding makes it difficult to keep the air fresh and the litter clean and dry. Most chickens receive regular doses of antibiotics just to survive in this environment.

The good news is there is a better way that is realistic and achievable right now.

The Better Chicken Initiative is about consumers like you demanding a better quality of life for chickens and a healthier food and farming system for all.

By signing this petition, you become part of the movement to improve the lives of millions, actually billions, of chickens. Let your voice be heard by the food companies in the driver’s seat of our food system.

The problem

The welfare problems for modern broiler chickens can be explained simply.

Birds reach market weight in just 42 days (around 6 weeks of age), compared to 80-120 days for slow growth and traditional breeds. A high growth rate means a bird grows so unnaturally fast, she can have difficulty walking and breathing.
Over 30,000 birds are crowded into one enclosed house. The birds can have so little space to move around that their legs become even weaker through lack of exercise. The sheds are generally bare except for feeding and drinking points and litter (such as wood shavings) on the floor.
With nothing but litter on the floor, feces build up over the bird's life, which they cannot escape from. Due to their high growth rates and high energy, protein dense diets, in the last weeks of life broilers spend more than 80% of their time inactive and sitting in this waste.
The houses are dimly lit, and day length is extended to 18 hours or more so that birds eat more and gain more weight. The broilers do not perform natural behaviors and are largely sleep deprived.

The Solution

We believe a chicken should be allowed to be a chicken. This means giving her enough room to move around freely, an enriched environment and natural light to encourage natural behavior like scratching and wing flapping, and genetics that don’t inherently cause suffering.

Sign our petition to ask food businesses to join the Better Chicken Initiative. We are asking them to source from farms that raise healthier, happier chickens with:

Better health

Slower growth rates and healthier legs.


More space to move around and stretch their limbs.


Enriched environments that allow them to engage in natural behaviors.

Natural Light

Natural light allowing a more natural routine.

You can make this change happen. By signing this petition, your voice will be heard by the food companies who have the power to change the way chickens are raised. Please also consider signing up to join the movement to be kept up to date on this important initiative and learn about additional ways you can get involved and broaden your impact.

Food businesses click here to find out what you can do to improve the lives of the chickens in your supply chain.

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